Natio Natural Austrilian Beauty - My Review on Some of Natio Hair Products

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Natio Natural Austrilian Beauty - My Review on Some of Natio Hair Products

Post  Admin on Mon May 10, 2010 2:49 am

I hope you enjoyed my reviews on Natio skincare. Today i have been trying the Natio Shampoo & Conditioner -Spa with Organics (Suitable for all Hair Types)

Natio's Website

Natio at Debenhams

Now when it comes to Hair products i always find i go back to the same old hair products so it is lovely to try something different.

1. Everyday Shampoo - Spa with Organics (Suitable for all Hair Types)
I really liked this i didnt have to use a lot of it , it didnt lather as much as other branded shampoo's however my hair felt really clean , it didnt have a lot of smell so i think if you are one of these people who when buying shampoo's you like to have a smell of the shampoo before buying it then this does have that kind of smell it just has a lovely clean smell about it. My hair also styled really really well.

I think it is good that you can use it everyday too as i have very fine hair and i have to wash my hair everyday , if i have an eveining out then i sometimes wash it twice a day and i know this isnt to good for your hair.

I think it is great value you money - £9.50 250ml

2. Everyday Conditioner - Spa with Organics
Lovely Conditioner i used it after the Everyday Shampoo (above) i didnt use alot and my hair felt really soft and silky, another thing i really loved about this conditioner was that it was out my hair easily i have used some conditioners in the passed and they take a while before all of it is removed from your hair, Also when my hair was wet after i have used both the Everyday Shampoo and conditioner from the Natio range my comb really easily.

Great Value like the shampoo - 250ml - £9.50

So I have to say i liked both the above hair products and i would buy them again and recommend them to future clients

I hope you enjoed the review would love to hear your comments,Tomorrow will be the review of Natio Primer, Tinted foundation & Waterproof mascara.

You Can keep uptodate with my review etc, just become a follower of my Blog

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