Natio Natural Austrilian Beauty - My Review on some of there Make-up Products

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Natio Natural Austrilian Beauty - My Review on some of there Make-up Products

Post  Admin on Mon May 10, 2010 3:09 am

As you would have seen from my previous posts i have been do some reviews for - Natio Australia's No 1 beauty brand. I have really enjoyed using these products and i really hope you find my reviews helpful i would love to here your comments.

Today i have been plying around with some of Natio's Makeup range - which has to be my favourite as iam a total makeup queen so i have great fun.

1. Natio Ultra Shiny Fruit Gloss - Coconut
mmmmmmmmmm the smell of this lip gloss was divine it was Coconut it remind me of holiday very fresh and a nice hint of Coconut. It did what is said gave Ultra Shiny Lips. However it was a little thinker then i thought it was going to be but it last on my lips really well as you know most lip gloss are on and then off in minutes i didn't find that with this. Also i think that this was really moisturising on the lips to the gloss contains Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Jojoba & Avocado Oil which gave my lip the moisture.This gloss was very sheer and very shiny and have a slight Glimmer to it. I would like to try the other colours in the Natio's Lip gloss range.

This Gloss comes in 5 Different Shades/Flavours - Cherry , Melon, Strawberry, Coconut & Passion fruit they are great value at just £8.00

The Lip Gloss Shades

2. Natio Tinted Moisturiser Spf 20
This is ideal for summer of holidays it has a great SPF of 20 in it. I had a try of this in the colour Neutral which was a perfect match for my skin tone to be honest it would suit most skin types/skin tones as there isn't a lot of colour in it so it really is best to be used if you would just like to even out the skin tone, it doesn't give any coverage as it is sheer but when it is on your skin it feels very lightweight and gives a Satin finish which is perfect for summer / Holidays

The great thing about it is your getting a healthy glow from the tinted moisturiser and also its given you SPF 20 protection another added bonus is it is fantastic value for money you get a 50ml bottle for £13.50

The Tinted Moisturiser shades

3. Natio Waterproof Mascara
Loved this Mascara, it has to be one of the best waterproof mascara i have used lately I would give it a fab 10/10. As you know my Job is a mobile Makeup Artist so i buy waterproof mascara's all the time to add to my Makeup Kit because most of my clients are Bride and when your a bride on the best day of your life there it often tears.I have tried lots and lots of mascara's and i often find that with Waterproof mascaras you don't get a good brush but i loved the Natio's Waterproof Mascara Brush it was fab it built up and added volume to the lashes and it stayed put really well and as it said on the label it was waterproof and it work no smudges. Please when i came to remove the mascara it was there for days trying to get off the waterproof mascara as this often happens.

It only costs £8.00 so a good buy for that price and it comes in Black.It is a must must Try

4. Natio Ageless Illuminating Primer
In my job i use Makeup Primers alot so when i come to choose one iam fussy as i have tried ones in the past which have started to roll and flake when applied to the skin. i was really impressed with Natio's primer it went along way and sunk into the skin very quickly and left a lovely Illuminating base ready for my foundation. My foundation went on really nice and gave me that lasting finish. All i would say about this is as it is in a squeezed tube remember to just use a small amount as it goes along way and if you squeeze out to much you cant get it back in so you don't want to waste it.

The cost for the primer is £12.00 - 50g

So if you would like more information on Natio's Products then you can visit there website or pop into Debenhams as the Natio Brand is Exclusive to them.
Here is a link to the websites

Natio's website

Natio at Debenham

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