Natio - Natural Austilian Beauty - My skincare review on Natio Products

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Natio - Natural Austilian Beauty - My skincare review on Natio Products

Post  Admin on Fri May 07, 2010 7:47 am

So I kindly Recived a Product pack from the Lovely guys at Natio , so i have been trying out there skincare and have reviewed all about them below i hope you find it helpful.

1. Natio Heavenly Hand Cream - Spa with Organics
As soon as i opened the tube i got this lovely smell of the aromotherapy essence. Being a Makeup Artist means i use my hand all the time so i find i use hand creams alot I loved Heavenly Hand Cream i didnt need to use alot it sunk into my hands quickly it didnt feel greasey or leave any residue it was lovely my hand felt soft and i loved the smell of the hand cream and the smell lasted, It has to be one of the best hand Creams that i have used and i will use again. I love the colour of the tube
Cost - £9.00 / 90g

2. Natio Eye Make-up Remover
This was a lovely gently eye make-up remover, I use a small amount on a damp cotton pad as directed and it went a long way it removered my Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and Mascara quickly it felt very nice around my eyes just like water i didnt even feel like i was using a remover. It didnt have much smell but to be honest i liked that as i was using it around my eyes. I loved the feel around my eyes after i used it very soft and fresh, I also liked the packaging as the bottle had a small hole in the top so the remover would not spill easy - Cost £8.00 / 75ml

3. Natio Gentle Foaming Cleanser
I just needed the smallest amount of water to get this cleanser to Foam which was great, it feel really silky on my skin , it didnt have a lot of smell just that natural and clean smell. It went along way you nee to just use a small amount. I have to say for my skintype Combination/ oily it felt lovely my skin felt clean. Iam not sure if a dryer skin would like this do think it would be better for Combination to oily skintypes.I love the clean looking packaging - Cost £8.00 / 100g

4.Natio Intensive Moisurising Day Cream
Well i have to say if you are a more dry skintype then this moisturiser is for you it is feels silky smooth smells wounderful with the aromotherapy essence dont need alot at all it goes along way. Now as my skintype is combination but more to the oily side i found this a little to intense for me not lightwight enough - Cost £12.00 / 100g

5.Natio Antioxidant Face Moisturiser
I liked this better then the day cream (above) i found it slighyl lighter weight in texture it felt better on my skin and it sunk into my skin alot better i also thought the smell was lovely compared to Natio's Day cream. Plus what i liked is it also helps to protect the skin as well as smooth & soften the skin. I would also like to see this in a tube rather then a tub - Cost £15.00 / 100g

So that is my review of some of Natio's Skincare products if you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them fro me, Also pleae watch this space as tomorrow will be the review of just some of Natio's Make-up and Hair Products.

Why not pop over and take alook at the Natio Website or Vist Debenhams in Metrocentre, Sunderland or Newcastle as at the moment it is exclusive to Debenhams.Click on the links below which will direct you to the sites.

Natio Website

Hope you enjoyed my review

Em x

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